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With ReferralCodes.com, we’ve pulled together all the referral codes and refer a friend links we could find. They are updated all the time. It’s a free service!

You can also share your own codes, and also create a free account page.

So next time you are looking to buy something online, check with us to see if you can get a discount!

It’s simple. Click “Share Referral Code” at the top. Or you can email us at info@referralcodes.com. Remember to include the exact code or link! You can also open an account – it’s free and you can store all your referral links there.

All codes or links are checked by our team, so make sure you include the correct details.

If it’s working fine and we have space, we’ll add it! … oh and THANKS! 🙂

We check all codes or links to make sure they are working before we put them on the site.

So if you have shared your code or sent us an email, we need to do that check first. If you don’t see your code after a few days, it might also because we currently have too many for that particular website or service.

If this is the case, codes are rotated on a periodic basis.

Some codes and links also expire, so they are removed at that point, and normally we only accept English language links.

We don’t promote referrals for illegal activities or services commonly associated with high rates of fraud, including pyramid schemes or ‘multi level marketing’, and this can include new websites or apps.


We are a small team looking to make buying CHEAPER!

We found so many referral schemes were not successful because not enough people hear about them.

So we decided to bring everything together in one place to make it easy to share your own referral codes, as well as use others.

You can search for codes, share your own, and even create a free account page.

No, you don’t have to create an account but we encourage it! It’s free and you can store your referral codes and links in there, and then share that page.

You can also share your code by clicking ‘Share Referral Code’ at the top, or sending us an email to info@referralcodes.com.

If you want to open an account, click Account at the top of the page.

Yes, our site is FREE for all users! You send us your code via email or contact form and we will add it, is that simple.