$40 BTC

Join Celsius and her $30 Bitcoin for free for using my referral code 1244700736. You have to enter this when signing up as you can’t enter it later! You need to deposit at least $200 worth of crypto to get the $30, but after 30 days you can withdraw it. Do not sent anything less first. It must be your first deposit of at least $200 crypto! k/ (non ref and no free money You must NOT withdraw the money before the 30 days are up or you won't get a penny. You might also be able use web40 under promo codes after using the referral code to sign up! This code gives you $40 of Bitcoin when you deposit at least $200 crypto. This gives you $70 total for depositing at least $200 total crypto. You must enter the referral code when signing up, then enter web40 in your promo code section of profile, do verification and then deposit at least $200 crypto (I recommend $205 to be safe). Wait 30 days and then get $70 total Bitcoin.

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