Referrals Quick-Start: Turbo-Charge your Referral Game and Get Earning!

Referrals are the best way to earn passive income from your shopping endorsements. Here we explain how to get started and to bag some easy $$$...Up to $1000 per year!

Money BagUnlike promo codes or coupons, which only give a discount off your purchase, referral codes not only let you save when buying but also let you EARN money.

As others buy products, or sign-up to an app or service, using your referral, you can earn rewardsโ€ฆ generating an easy passive income. Referral rewards can be very generous! And they soon stack-up.

The best part is you have to do hardly anything at all. There are 1000s of generous schemes out there and with smart sharing of your referrals via ReferralCodes, you could earn over $1000 in passive income per year! In fact, some of our members have earned FAR more than this, with one member earning $25,000 of rewards in 2022.

So get sharing your referrals and earn money & other rewards! Exciting right? So here is ReferralCodes quick guide to get earning money from referrals.

Magnifying Bag First, find the referral schemes you are already part of. They are EVERYWHERE!

Pro tip: search for the phrase 'referral' or 'refer a friend' or 'invite a friend' in your email account. Also check your installed apps on your phone. So many of them have referral scheme. You can add their referral codes and links to your ReferralCodes profile.

You might not realise it, but on average, you will be a member of 25 referral schemes already! You're leaving referral money on the table. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Second, focus on the easy-to-use and generous schemes

Energy Logos

Internet & Telecoms companies

Shopping and Rewards Apps

Fashion & Beauty brands

Third, search a little further! Across all categories and sectors you will find some amazing referral opportunitiesโ€ฆ even in some unusual places!

You've found the most common referrals so now explore all your previous purchases and share those referrals onto ReferralCodes.

Referrals can be found all over, including for vacation (Airbnb, Hopper, Hotel Tonight, British Airways), cars (Tesla, ZipCar, GasBuddy), Family & children (Mamas & Papas, Pampers, The Childrenโ€™s Place) and Pets (Chewy, Rover,, BarkBox, TrustedHouseSitters)โ€ฆ heck you can even earn income from your teeth! (SmileDirect).

We have over 6,000 referral sharing opportunities at ReferralCodes, so explore the site for inspiration.

People NetworkOnce you have added all these referrals to your profile page, share your page and invite friends and others to maximise your โ€˜referral reachโ€™.

That way you can earn rewards for yourself more quicklyโ€ฆ as well as benefitting others. Learn how to Invite Friends to ReferralCodes and add your profile as an E-Mail Signature

It also becomes increasingly easy to co-ordinate a referral plan - for example switching energy provider using a friendโ€™s referral and they return the favor and use one of your referrals, for example your credit card or telecoms company, creating a positive cycle of referral income! Referral reciprocity!

Keep your referral antennae active and whenever you get a new referral add it to your profile. Overtime, the rewards will come in. Easy passive income from your influence!

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