How Does it Work & other FAQs

Welcome to ReferralCodes! We hope you enjoy this free service. Here we tell you all about the site and answer common questions. Get ready to share & earn! Happy Referrals ๐Ÿ˜Š

ReferralCodes lets earn and save money from refer-a-friend schemes. Referral programs have been growing like crazy in the last few years and most online shops and websites have them. There are 1000s out there - from your energy providers, telecoms/cell companies, food delivery and ride-hailing apps to online fashion brands, credit cards, banks, travel booking sites, crypto platforms & share trading services. Have a look at the Quick-Start Guide here.

So, if you’re looking to earn some great rewards or save on a new purchase, for a store, app or website ,search to see what has been shared by others. Have a look in your email for 'referral' and check-out your apps for a refer-a-friend link. There are some amazing referral benefits, some members have earned $000s of rewards! See some member testimonials here.

You can add and share all your own referrals in your free page. Check out this example Referral Profile Tour. The referral page is unique to you and can be shared directly with all your friends and other contacts so they can easily find your referrals when they need them. You can also ‘Follow’ other profiles (e.g. friends and contacts) and see their referrals prioritised, as well as make thumbs-up recommendations for stores you're a fan off, to make your influence count.

Sign-up now for your free referral profile and get ready to earn for passive income!

It’s really simple. To share your referrals you first need a free referrals page, click here to sign-up. You can share and store all your referrals in this unique page! Click "Share Referrals" and make sure you include all the referral details (such as the link or code). Get earning quickly by check-out the New Member Quick-Start Guide.

To keep quality high, our hard-working team checks all referrals to make they are working before going live…. and thank you for growing the community! Once approved, your referral appears on both the Shop page (when people are looking for referral codes) as well as your own referral page, so friends and others can see your referral list.

If you want to update or remove one of your existing referrals, you can do this directly from inside your account page. Just click on the Edit or Delete icons next to the chosen referral. Please be careful though - deletions are permanent!

In general, we only accept referrals directly to the relevant store or app and not intermediary or 3rd party reward sites. 

For great 'referral reach', we recommend you add your referral profile as an e-mail signature (learn how here) and to your social media as a 'link in bio'. This way others will be regularly reminded of where to find your referrals - helping them but of course helping you earn money the easy way.

YES! The service is always FREE for all users! We let some merchants advertise their products, but you, the user, never pay a penny. And yes, you get 100% of any referral rewards. So, get started and sign-up for a free account now.

For some stores we are offerring a referral boost option so your referral gets more visibility. This is entirely optional. You can read more details are on the ReferralCodes Plus page here.

We make money by helping brands and online businesses improve their referral schemes and attracting new customers like you!

We get A LOT of referrals every day. There are now many thousands online from over 7,000 stores & apps. To keep quality high, we need to check all referrals before they go live, but we aim to get all referrals processed within 48 hours. So please bear with us. Please do not re-submit a referral within 48 hours as this may lead to your account being flagged as 'spam'.

For a referral to be live on the site, it needs to be 100% correct. If we can’t validate it, for example if the link is not complete, or the referral reward is not clear, then we won’t be able to put it online.

The link also needs to be *direct* to the Shop / App, so no indirect links via other websites (including URL shortening servies like or via Telegram, Twitter, Reddit etc. In addition, due to many "inauthentic" posts, we only approve crypto-related, surveys and similar referrals from members with 2 or more non-crypto referrals. Only the largest crypto, survey or AI apps are supported. No 'air-drops' or get-rich-quick schemes, and bad reviews elsewhere are also taken into consideration. Finally, you can normally only have 1 referral per Shop / App, so duplicates won't be added. Posting repeated duplicates in quick succession can result in your account being permanently suspended!

If you can’t login, please firstly check you have confirmed your email address when you signed up. You need to do this for us to confirm who you are. If you have previously done that, you can also request a password re-set from the login page. If it still doesn't work you can send us an email.

You can also give any Store / App a thumbs-up recommendation, even when there is no referral scheme. This lets you show friends & others your favorite brands! Your support can help influence friends and others. Just click the thumbs-up icon on the Shop / App page, or click the recommendation button.

For some recommendations, extra promotions or cash-back may be available (coming soon!) enabling you to earn rewards from those who purchase from your recommendation. Watch this space as much more to come here soon so get recommending now!

Referral codes and links help you earn money by supporting a brand or store. Promo codes or online coupons direct from a store usually just let you get a discount off the first purchase. Referrals help you earn money, potentially building an exciting passive income. We think this is much more exciting that a one-off discount code!

When you are logged into your account, you are able to “Follow” another user (similar to Twitter and Instagram). Just click the Follow button when looking at their page.

Once you have followed them, any referrals they are sharing will be identified with a gold star when you see them. This means you can easily highlight referrals from friends and other people you follow, and give them priority if you wish. You will also be alerted when they add a new referral (this notification, as well as all others, can be turned off in the Settings section of your account, if you wish).

You can ‘Unfollow’ anytime. You can also attract followers yourself, and see who has followed you when you are logged in. Adding your ReferralCodes profile to your social media is a great way to build your network, see here for more information.

The more followers you have, the more likely your referrals will be seen and used! Remember to invite friends and others to join you on ReferralCodes, it's really simple see how to invite here.

In the "Profile Settings" section in your referral page you can select to be private by changing the ‘Visible’ toggle to "No". When “No” this means your username or referrals will not show up in a general search, or on the page of a particular store or brand. The only place your referrals will appear if someone goes directly to your page.

If you want to remove your page entirely you can do this from directly in your account page, in the "Settings" section at the bottom. Please be careful if you are thinking of doing this as all deletions are permanent and the account can not be re-instated.

There are many many thousands of referral schemes out there, and we have the biggest focused referral hub (over 7,000 brands mainly from US, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia/NZ). But there are new schemes launched everyday. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, leave a comment requesting a referral in the forums. Just click here. That way someone might be able to help you!

You can download our free Chrome browser extension. After you install the Referral Codes Reminder, a pop-alert will display when you are browsing a site that has a referral discount. It's so easy to forget to check and 1,000s of members have installed this handy reminder. You will also see referrals prioritised from any friends or contacts you are following. So you can choose who you want to benefit. You can download the Chrome extension by clicking here.

On popular pages, there are many referrals! New referrals are always displayed first and marked with a "New" star on them. (Please note, multiple re-submissions in attempt to be "New" again will result in permanent removal). In addition, referrals from those you are following are prioritised...and in the same way people following you will see yours at the top, so attract followers wherever you can!

Another good way to get more clicks on your referrals is to add a link to your page as a e-mail signature. Have a look at this video to learn more!

For some shops are operate a premium scheme where your referral can be priority displayed in the top places. This is a low-cost subscription service and details can be found here.

When you are logged in to your page you will see the number of times your page has been viewed and your referrals have been clicked. Please note, a click does not mean a referral has been successful! Clicks can be for many reasons: people testing a link works; people changing their mind about actually signing-up; the referral not being eligible for that person or product; people clicking by mistake; 'indexers' or 'crawlers' checking links on our site etc. Note also there can be a long delay before a referral is confirmed by the store or app. This is not controlled by and for some referrals it can take up to 90 days. More clicks does mean, on average, more referrals so be patient and they'll come!

We are an international and experienced team from USA & UK, fanatical about referrals & smart money! We were really frustrated that sharing and using referrals was far too hard….so, we decided to do something about it by setting up in 2020, with our aim to become the ultimate "word-of-mouth" platform. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter X or Instagram and join our popular Facebook Group.

With a background in technology and scaling online, our goal is to let everyone refer everything... we have lots of exciting ideas coming soon. Watch this space and be sure to share your feedback in the forums!

We partner with many companies and services and welcome all potential collaborations. If you're interested in working with us, please read the information on the partnership page. For press enquiries, advertising or other contacts you can email us directly at [email protected].

Happy Referrals ๐Ÿ˜Š