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Maximise Word-of-Mouth to drive superior ROI

ReferralCodes is the leading referral distribution channel for US, UK & Australasian merchants, with more than 3 million unique visitors a year. The Partnership Program lets your business harness the most powerful force in marketing: Word-of-Mouth.

Our fast-growing referral network attracts highly engaged ‘end-of-funnel’ shoppers for over 5,000 stores as well as helping your existing customers share their voice. In 2022 alone, ReferralCodes created over $100m of extra value to online merchants, through new user acquisition, higher LTV and lower churn.

Since launch, ReferralCodes has been helping all types of partners: from NASDAQ-quoted fintechs to small beauty brands. We also work with complementary tech partners including referral software companies, affiliate intermediaries and marketing agencies. For continued growth or focused campaigns Get ready to see your Referral ROI rocket!

How can your business benefit?

Social Endorsement

Boost Referral Performance

ReferralCodes is the referral distribution channel of choice for innovative marketeers. By helping shoppers share, store and find referrals, all types of referral activity are amplified. New acquisitions and sign-ups are increased, average order values lifted and churn reduced. ReferralCodes lets you optimise referral throughput and ‘distribution’.

Our engaged ‘late-funnel’ shoppers can turbo-charge your referral scheme results: outbound conversion rates from ReferralCodes approach 25% (see Success Stories below).

Social endorsements from shared referrals by your customers lead to higher engagement; some 92% of consumers trust personal endorsements, more than any other channel. Referred customers have higher LTVs, spend more & tell others.

Acquisition Flex

Brand Enhancement & Referral Control

With a hosted profile at ReferralCodes, your business can also control the referral process in line with your brand values. Your validated referral presence can inspire trust, guide potential shoppers and help your existing customers voice their support.

By smoothing the referral sharing process at ReferralCodes, you can enable continual social virality: rewards + social endorsement => capture engaged prospects. ReferralCodes’ unique social commerce channel – including via the popular browser extension – lets your customers directly benefit from referral rewards by meaningfully reducing high levels of ‘friction’ that can beset most referral schemes. Loyalty rises and churn reduces.

Think of ReferralCodes as the brand fuel to power your referral scheme. Make it easy for your customers to fulfil your business goals!

Boost Loyalty

Flexible & Scaling Solution

Choose the referral distribution option below that best suits your business needs: no long-term tie-in or up-front cost and minimal tech effort. On-boarding is fast and ReferralCodes can work with all schemes and referral intermediaries. We can also advise on referral ‘best practice’ as you grow and provide on-going support for optimisation… all with budget certainty. If you’re new to referrals, we can also help you get set-up.

Brands can also target the broader referral community with category campaigns or specific initiatives using our rich data-set, increasing growth or brand discovery in-line with your KPIs.

ReferralCodes current clients range from NASDAQ listed Fintechs to newly launched e-commerce brands. For all types of merchants we can offer a great referral boost… So get in touch below!.

Precise Targeting

Precise Targeting

Maximise your marketing returns by using our precision marketing option. Increase engagement by sponsoring specific categories and by focusing on certain geographies and verticals. For our largest partners, we can also focus on ‘networked’ members to maximise the exposure of your brand or app. Harness the power of vocal shoppers.

Our data-set is amazingly rich with all sorts of exciting analytics & AI options.

Some Recent Success Stories

See how we have impacted different sectors


$468K of value in 12 months

In the 12 months to August 2022, over 780 outbound shares were created for a leading US travel brand. The resulting conversion rate to sign-up was verified to be 19% with over $468,000 of value being created for the merchant during this time.



£160K value in 12 months

In the 12 months to August 2022, over 1600 outbound shares were generated for a leading UK groceries delivery service. The conversion rate was verified to be 23% with over £160,000 of value being created for the merchant.


Our pricing plans

Flexible and Scalable (only 3 month minimum)


$99 PCM

Brand & Control

  • Merchant Branded Referral Profile
  • Establish referral credibility with broad audience
  • Claim & control profile: ‘Verified Merchant’ for extra trust
  • SEO optimisation of page by ReferralCodes tech experts

Performance Boost

  • Up to 200 outbound shares (per month) to late-funnel shoppers
  • Publication of referrals from up to 50 ambassadors
  • Inclusion in category indexation for more visibility
  • Rapid on-boarding
  • Budget certainty

$400 PCM

In addition to Essential:

Brand & Control

  • Additional tailored copy to match brand values
  • Active ReferralCodes Support
  • Direct links to Merchant Landing Pages
  • Removal of competitor advertising
  • Merchant Controlled referral in top position

Performance Boost

  • Inclusion in Chrome Extension Alert
  • Up to 1000 outbound shares per month
  • Publication by up to 500 ambassadors
  • Priority processing of referral content
  • Control visibility and reach of referral content
  • ReferralCodes Social Media Promotion


  • Category sponsorship option: "Featured" on category page + visibility on competitor profile pages (subject to availability)

From$999 PCM

In addition to Professional:

Brand & Control

  • “Referral Codes Referral Score” added to profile for greater trust
  • Trustpilot/Google Reviews Score and link (option)
  • Merchant controlled referrals in top 3 Positions
  • ReferralCodes Homepage Carousel Inclusion

Performance Boost

  • UNLIMITED outbound shares
  • UNLIMITED publication by ambassadors
  • Quarterly promotion onto ReferralCodes Social Media Channels
  • Access to broad ReferralCodes data-set
  • Priority-access to new features & custom integrations


  • Fast-tracked (real human!) support
  • Monthly advisory call for on-going optimisation

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