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Currencyfair referral code page! Welcome. We've answered your referral prayers and brought together a whole bunch of Currencyfair referral codes. So you can use any here - and remember to be 'referral smart' and come back and share your own Currencyfair referral code right here. Invite friends and follow others to maximise your reach. Give Currencyfair a thumbs-up recommendation and influence friends & others. Currencyfair looks for a cheap, simple way to move money to and from their new home countries

Currency Fair referral code & cash tips!

Excellent referral scheme to rival Transferwise. Just use a referral to sign-up and get rewards (they vary over time). How was it for you? :) Let us know your CurrencyFair experience in the forum. Be sure to come back and share your own referrals if you have just signed up. Happy referrals!