Moon`s Referral page

HI there and WELCOME to my Referral page. Although this page is still being constructed, I do have this: A FIRST TIME USER DISCOUNT on the "Upside" app!!⛽🚘 1) Download App in Google's playstore, (it's FREE) 2) ENTER CODE "2AUCE" for .15 cents OFF PER GALLON on your 1st gas purchase. 3) You can enter more codes in the "promo code" box. The codes can be "stacked" so you can SAVE even MORE at the gas pump! Search your area for eligible gas stations to Save at. Once you find a gas station of your liking, Click on "Claim Offer" a 4 hour timer begins ticking down. When you get to a pump at the location, Click on "Check-in" a 20 min. timer will tick down. Be sure to purchase gas using the debit or credit card you entered into your "wallet" in the Upside app. Remember you are Not giving all your credit /debit info. to pay through the app, just the first 6 and last 4 digits on card. This is so Upside can verify the transaction made at the "Claimed offer" location. That's it!! You just wait 2-5 days for the magic to happen (verification process). **TIP** Get a receipt of purchase just in case Upside needs a photo of it to verify. You will receive notification in email & in app detailing how much CASH you made back on that purchase. RAKE IN YOUR SAVINGS!!